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Writing, Editing, & Public Relations Professionals

Whether it’s speeches, papers, articles, press releases, brochures, resumes, print ads, manuscripts, memos, product descriptions, or newsletters, we are your source for writing expertise. [more]

Writing, Editing, & Public Relations Professionals

We are equipped to edit websites, speeches, papers, articles, press releases, brochures, resumes, print ads, manuscripts, memos, product descriptions, or tag lines, etc. [more]

Writing, Editing, & Public Relations Professionals

We provide excellence in promotions, corporate event planning, speaking engagements, book signings, general bookings, press releases, social networking mediums, community outlets, and market branding. [more]


Many are thinking of new ways to create or maintain the all important image. One of the most paramount of business priorities is having effective communication that relays who you are and what quality service or product you provide. We can make the difference with this crucial priority!

We can take the limitations off your communications. No matter the need—memos, advertisements, revisions, speeches, or presentations—we excel at making the final product a memorable one. And once you have that desired effect, we can help you establish or reinvent your message by branding your product, service, or business via relevant outlets.

Errors are not an option. Spending time and energy trying to correct a document is time consuming and often times wasteful. We recognize the importance of your document being perfect. We also understand the significance of wanting a professional result without paying an enormous amount. We are here to write or perfect your document in a timely manner, with complete professionalism and customized rates.

We are equipped to edit any type of document. This includes, but not limited to, manuscripts (all genres), essays, letters, websites, ads, articles, scripts, technical documents, speeches, business proposals, poetry, and résumés. Let us transform your draft into a perfectly edited document!

We are committed to providing your business, service, or product exposure by creating websites; developing a brand; employing various marketing techniques to include internet marketing; scheduling speaking engagements, book signings; or the particular public relations blue print that will be successful for your specific business, service, or product.


"Various Marks has become my resource for editing and Mrs. Wicks has earned my respect and all my business. Various Marks has treated my manuscript with love, intellect and a level of expertise that can only come from the best training and her personal standard of excellence. I have a best seller on my hands and Various Marks is partly responsible!"

Fran Allen-McKinney President and CEO of Self Development Success, Published Author

"I thought I had a good understanding of the King's English, but after having Various Marks edit my work, I learned even more. My consultant not only made grammatical corrections, but also made sure every thought I put into writing would be clearly understood by my readers."

Katurah Spence Entrepreneur & Author

"Various Marks has a special gift for what it does. Their consultants have a way with words that bring words on paper to life. Various Marks revamped my resume and by far exceeded my expectations. I have absolutely no regrets using their services."

D. Davis Psychotherapist, Baltimore County Government

"I appreciate and am greatly indebted to Various Marks for the professional edit of my book. The editing was performed in a most efficient and conscientious manner.  Various Marks was competent and enthusiastic about making my book ready for publishing. It was a pleasure to work with this company."

Charon Wicks Published Author

"Working in a technical environment, one of the first things neglected, is documentation. Various Marks' technical knowledge and attention to detail allowed our team to meet client deadlines and keep system documentation current. Our consultant's ability to attend meetings and create documents for technical and non-technical end users was invaluable to our teams' success."

Jon Mae Work Order Manager, Lockheed Martin

"I am thankful to Various Marks for editing my card project. Writing short, meaningful expressions require the right words and punctuations in the right place to get the right message across. My card project was edited in a proficient and timely manner and the suggestions provided by this company added the finishing touches needed to enhance the messages I wanted to convey. I highly recommend their service."

Elaine King Business Owner

"I’ve recently read a book edited by Various Marks and I must say it was a delight! With each turn of the page, my imagination was sparked and my interest peaked. I’m sure the flow of the words and concepts brought to light exactly what the author wanted to convey. Kudos to Various Marks for a job well done!"

Mike D. Personal Trainer & Men's Activist

"When writing my book and wondering what to do next, I was referred to Various Marks by a great friend. Not knowing what to expect as a new author, I stepped out and scheduled a consultation. I was extremely pleased with the demeanor, knowledge of the literary world, and additional services they provided. I couldn't have asked for a more professional and thorough group of people. I fully trusted Various Marks with the presentation of my novel, and now my website. I would recommend Various Marks to the novice or seasoned author for their quality work that leads to a long lasting professional relationship."

Tonya Blue Pulbished Author and Owner, Blue Purse Publishing