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Unloved - The Love of Benedicte

“She loathes him…
He buys flesh and she despises him for it. A man of color, who enslaves his own kind, is someone Yearie Hart can’t abide. Yet, there is something about Benedicte Larieux that she finds intriguing..."

“He wants her…
She is a laundress, a hired servant. Benedicte has no time to deal with the servant class. That is someone else’s responsibility. Nor has he ever dallied with the help, it just isn’t done. Yet her deep hazel eyes and the sway of her hips have him tempted to break his own rule."

A great, historical romance novel, Camille Robinson's first book, UNLOVED..., is a body churning, heart racing page turner for the times!

Visions on Canvas

A visual artist for the times, Darren Guest has an undying passion for art and is no stranger to adversity and overcoming. Having been in a motorized wheelchair since age 6, with Muscular Dystrophy (MD) - the disease that weakens the muscles that make the human body move - Guest's spirit is anything but weakened.

This platform of moments on pages, Vision on Canvas, is Guest in an intriguing and very tangible spotlight. Through these pages, you get to know him, his heart, his struggle... and he welcomes all.

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I am the Children I Teach

Do you ever find yourself in your work? Moreover, finding yourself in the people who and stories that impact your life every day? You're not the only one...

You never know what baggage a child brings into a classroom, or the issues a teacher hides. This is a story about the effects and consequences of a legacy of abuse and the impact it has on relationships. I am the Children I Teach allows readers to explore the thoughts and feelings of teachers and the students while fighting to hide their demons.

Various Marks provided an initial Read & Critique and Edit of this manuscript, helping the author produce the perfect finished product!

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Encouragement Cards

When things are looking down, one needs that extra push and inspiration. What better way to encourage someone than through these inspiring cards?

Various Marks gained this client through a referral. It is important to note that this author found the services provided to be customized to this specific encouragement card project and found the editing suggestions to be useful for better serving clientele.


It’s time to explore your creativity and your faith. Through this interactive journal you will find answers to life’s questions, such as…

Who am I?
Where do I fit in?
What is God teaching me?
What has God given me that I can give to others?

Start your conversation with God today as you write, draw, and read the stories and poems in IT'S MY JOURNEY.COM. You’ll be amazed at where it takes you!

Various Marks edited this manuscript which allowed the author to take advantage of a partial self-publishing package. Various Marks also provides web design and hosting services for this project.

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Been Through, Going Through… The Journey

A book confirming that you are not alone, validation that you are not crazy, and realization that you will survive the twists and turns of life.

Various Marks has been part of this venture from editing the manuscript to now providing promotional services. The promotions aspect of this endeavor is crucial to the book and the author's overall success. We know that from this, branding and communications are paramount components that forge a successful promotional undertaking. Still focused on customized services, Various Marks is committed to tailoring to the specific needs of the client.

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GospelRhythms offers a VIP-access pass to the hottest party in gospel and contemporary gospel entertainment. We are the vehicle by which contemporary Christian artists and entertainers are given a world-wide platform of expression via the Internet through GospelRhythms television, radio, and magazine. GospelRhythms in-depth interviews, features,  pod-casts, stations and cutting edge articles, blogs and advice forum will be the platform which Christians in the broad arena of entertainment can be featured and given exposure. Music, videos, behind-the-scene coverage, and candid interviews will keep our audiences’ pulse to the beats and moves behind gospel, contemporary Christians, and secular entertainers who embrace the Word of God.

Various Marks served as the Editor-in-Chief to this quickly growing source of news, information, and social influence.

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Vivica Fox Interview

Freelance interviewing...