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FORMATTING includes style revisions, which will be suggested or implemented (e.g., page numbers, margins, headings, spacing, indentations and paragraphs, quotes, references, citations, footnotes and endnotes).

PROOFREADING involves the identification and correction of typographical and punctuation errors, misspellings, and formatting inconsistencies. It may also mean comparing two documents for uniformity.

COPYEDITING covers the same areas, but may include grammar, word usage, capitalization, word breaks, tone, and format. A copy editor may develop a style sheet to assure that certain words and styles are used consistently throughout a document (e.g., capitalizations, use of italics vs. underlining). The copy editor may also apply a publisher's house style to a manuscript.

POST REVIEW involves specialization within the Information Technology (IT), technical writing environment. This systematic approach focuses on documentation and quality documents, translating thorough and satisfactory results for stakeholders, developers, managers, and all vested resources.

We are equipped to edit any type of document. Contact us about customization for your document.

Please see the Manuscripts page for exact details on editing services.